1944 is the year our story begins. We were born to revolutionize the kitchen with thoughts of practicality and convenience, without compromising on flavor and quality, of course.

Today, Sadia is part of your daily life. Present in more than 150,000 points of sale in Brazil, we offer more than 300 types of products, ranging from pork derivatives to the most delicious desserts.

After conquering the table of Brazilian consumers, the time has come for us to conquer the world. In 2009, together with Perdigão, we founded BRF and today we are in more than 140 countries, between the Middle East, Europe, Far East, Latin America and Africa.

An innovator by vocation, Sadia was the first to make frozen foods that make people’s lives easier. Lasagna, nuggets, pizza and hot pockets guarantee flavor and convenience for families. It’s no wonder that today we are one of the most remembered and valuable brands in the sector.

Since our foundation, we have cultivated our relationships from the field to the consumers’ table, ensuring products with nutritional value and quality.


This is where our story began.


This is where our story began.


Taking advantage of Brazilian development.


This is where our story began.


The first headquarters outside Concordia


Brand growth


Sadia Comercial Ltda.


Sadia's entry on the stock exchange


Taking advantage of Brazilian development.


Sadia created the first direct channel between consumers and a food company


Early 90s


Our 50th anniversary was celebrated in style


The company exceeded US$ 1 billion in revenue


Inauguration of the Attílio Fontana Memorial


2001 is the year of market recognition


Instituto Sadia is born


The star was Hot Pocket, which became an instant success


Sadia arrives in the Northeast


The year that Sadia and Perdigão announced that they were together.


BRF reached the mark of 22.7 billion reais in sales


BRF reaches 4.2 thousand tons of meat production


The 7th most remembered brand


The Presuntaria Perfectionist


BRF invests in social development and the environment


Total focus on sodium reduction


Sadia Bio: the origin of chicken within reach of the Sadia consumer on Top of Mind


Sadia among the 20 favorite brands of Brazilians One of the most valuable brands in Brazil


Winner of the 2015 Folha Top of Mind Award in two categories: Top Food and Frozen Dishes

Better Brand Management. APEX Brasil Export Excellence Award
4 times winner of Marcas de Confiança. Seleções Magazine and Ibope
Most innovative products in the world by Sial – Paris: Grilled burgers and flavored margarines
The food industry that generates the most jobs in Brazil: around 60 thousand employees. ABIA
5th place in the ranking “The 100 most prestigious companies in Brazil”. Época Negócios and Troiano Brand Consulting


We are curious, researchers and we always launch new products that become market references. We think about the best for the consumer and we understand that feeding also means caring about others.

When it comes to food, we invest in real flavor, real ingredients and transparent relationships with our partners. This way, real tasty products come out of our kitchens for you.

Public Commitment

In our public commitment, we highlight the restriction on advertising aimed at children to those that only talk about products that have a nutritionally balanced profile.

BRF Institute

We created the BRF Institute, through which we invest in collective projects to improve the quality of life of the communities neighboring us. Step by step, we are changing the world.


The Lek Trek was born in 1971 and arrived to showcase the practicality, speed and convenience of the Sadia brand. His debut on TV, still in black and white, was in the role of a hero, helping a housewife with dinner problems. From then on, the public’s passion for our little chicken was born.

It was named in the 80s, through a national promotion and in a short time its name was already known throughout Brazil, soon becoming the symbol and official spokesperson of the brand.

Over the years, its design has undergone many changes, but without losing its unmistakable appeal. Today, after a complete 3D makeover, worthy of celebrities, it has once again entered the lives of Brazilians. Our mascot is full of stories, I bet you have one to tell about him.

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