Sadia Cold Cuts Board





  • 2 packages of Sadia Sliced ​​Italian Salami
  • 2 packages of Sadia Loose Sliced ​​Turkey Breast
  • 2 packages of Sadia Loose Sliced ​​Ham
  • 2 packages of Sliced ​​Smoked Mortadella Loose Sadia
  • Toast to taste
  • Cherry tomatoes to taste

Method of preparation

  1. Arrange the Sadia Sliced ​​Italian Salami , the Sadia Loosely Sliced ​​Turkey Breast , the Sadia Loosely Sliced ​​Ham , and the Loosely Sadia Sliced ​​Smoked Mortadella on a square board.
  2. And then the toast and tomato.
  3. Serve immediately!

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