NBA 2023 NBA asks for Sadia.

Your Mother's Day asks for Sadia

Hot Bowls Sadia You're hungry, it's ready.

Lollapalooza 2023 Your rhythm calls for Sadia.

Your summer calls for cold ones Sadia.

Sadia Classics

world Cup

Lollapalooza 2022

NBA 2022

Lek Trek: 50 years of innovation for you.

Livre&lev: Less is too much.

The recipe for a Christmas full of magic.

Life gets better with the right stuffing.

Pig Has S for Healthy

Earn Your #Horasadia With Ready-Made Dishes

Livre&Lev Less is Too Much

For those hungry for the NBA

The more you know, the better Mother's Day gets.

What makes your favorite moment is the stuffing you put in it.

The more Christmas in your life, the better your family will be

The Sadia speciale line has arrived Made with the best ingredients to make your moment even more special.

Money back Get 50% of your money back by paying at the Cielo machine.

The more you know, the better off your family will be.

The more you know, the better Mother's Day gets.

Sadia Mac'n Cheese has arrived Proof that incredible things happen in 5 minutes.

The more you know, the better off everyone is. We continue to do our best to bring you to your table.

Sadia Veg&tal has arrived Burgers, nuggets and pies made from vegetables.

Organic Sadia Chicken You know where your chicken came from and who produced it.

Why are Sadia cold cuts the favorite in Brazil? We have an infinite number of reasons to you.

Did you know that Sadia launched 14 delicious pork cuts? More practicality and variety for your daily life.

The more you know, the better Sadia gets. Did you know that Sadia products with best ingredients?

Weekend has S de Sadia #fds goes well with nuggets, pizza and sausage.

Are you trying to deceive me? When ordering ham, ask for Sadia. Brazil's favorite.

Christmas makers Whoever makes Christmas is always the happiest of the night. check out who knows how to do it like no one else.

Our best is within

A delicious sandwich for every moment of summer

Two generations in an exciting story

Souvenirs & flavors Everyone has a memory with Sadia. What's yours? Discover some real stories.

They never took Luis Augusto for Sadia Time passes and everything changes. The only doesn't change is that Luis Augusto remains stranded.

Luis Augusto, the ham There is ham that has been in the cold storage room for so long that it even gained a name.

Ready-made dishes Frozen, delicious, economical and without preservatives. doubt?

Salamites The 100% salami snack that everyone loved.

Sadia turkey breast Deliciously healthy. Light, tasty and goes with any recipe

Mystery box The mystery box traveled the country to reveal new recipes and inspire you to delight in the kitchen.

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